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The East Longmeadow Town Manager’s Report for October 12, 2021 announced the appointment of three new health officials.

Dr. Kathryn Jobbins has been appointed to serve as the newest health board member. She is an internal medicine physician at Baystate Medical Center. The report states that

[Dr. Jobbins] is committed to advocacy for a safe and healthy community. She indicated a willingness to serve on the Board in order to help the community through the very difficult public health issues which we currently face.

According to Article 5, Section 5-4 of the East Longmeadow Home Rule Charter,

Appointment of members of…the Board of Health made by the Town Manager shall become effective unless rejected by a majority of Town Council members by roll call vote within 45 days of the Town Manager’s presentation of the name and qualifications of the recommended candidate to the Town Council or at the next Town Council meeting, whichever comes first.

The next Town Council meeting is scheduled for October 26. At that time the Councilors will either accept or reject Dr. Jobbins’ appointment.

Another health board seat remains vacant, though the manager’s report indicates that interviews with new applicants are pending.

Additionally, Tammy Spencer, former Southwick health director, has been hired as the new East Longmeadow health director and Alix Roncarati will be the town’s new health inspector.