East Longmeadow health board members met last night and, to no one’s surprise, spent most of their meeting talking about COVID.

When discussing the recent FDA emergency approval of COVID vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11, the board members expressed concern that local pharmacies and pediatricians cannot immediately start jabbing kids.

The town’s pharmacies cannot inoculate patients younger than 9 years old and local pediatricians may not have immediate access to the vaccine.

Dr. Katie Jobbins, who was appointed to the board just weeks ago, proposed setting up a children’s vaccine clinic in town. The health inspector responded that the fire department was not interested in the idea but that Dr. Jobbins could raise the issue with school nurses and the new health director who takes office on November 15.

Jobbins responded that if a kids’ vaccine clinic was approved,

I will happily staff it. If we need to have someone give vaccines, I will do it.

The comment was followed by an awkward pause from the other board members before the health inspector carried on the meeting without further discussion of Jobbin’s suggestion.

In an equally bizarre exchange, Dr. Jobbins appeared before the East Longmeadow school committee in August to state her opposition to making masks optional for schoolchildren. She seemed rattled and emotional throughout her three-minute speech and began to cry during her closing remarks.