DESE Commissioner Jeffrey Riley (left) and MASC members (right) gather without masks despite imposing face coverings on all school kids throughout the state

Kudos to Turtleboy and TB Daily News for calling out the mask hypocrisy that was on full display at this year’s Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) conference.

MASC is a self-described “information clearinghouse” for school committee members throughout the state. According to MASC’s website, “the Association provides important guidance and expertise to its members.”

MASC members got together last Wednesday (November 3) in Hyannis to discuss such pressing topics as

  • Culture Changes: Beyond Mascots and Graduation Gowns
  • Socially and Emotionally Competent Leadership for Social Change; and
  • Reimagining the brillance of Black and Latinx students: The Calculus Project.

(For the full schedule of presentations click here.)

Unfortunately, there was no presentation on “Hypocrisy in the Age of COVID-19 Restrictions.”

Pictures posted on several social media pages and compiled by Turtleboy show DESE Commissioner Jeffrey Riley, who has imposed masks on all public school kids until at least January 2022, and most of the MASC members in attendance failing to follow to their own mask guidance.

No further comment is needed. The pictures speak for themselves.