During its September 15th meeting, the East Longmeadow school committee discussed some troubling data from a recent survey of the district’s kindergarten through second grade teachers.

The survey asked teachers to evaluate their students’ social and emotional abilities. The results showed a drastic, across-the-broad decline in our children’s development.

The table below shows the percentage of kids who, in their teachers’ opinion, possess a normal level of development in each of the surveyed areas. It also shows the decline in that percent from fall 2019, prior to the implementation of COVID lockdowns and related restrictions.

Emotional Regulation79% decline of 5%
Social Awareness69%decline of 9%
Classroom Effort64%decline of 9%
Engagement62%decline of 12%
Self Management52%decline of 10%
Social Perspective Taking52%decline of 12%
Photo of the power point presentation given during the committee’s 9/15 meeting.

An additional survey given directly to students in grades 6 to 12 found that an alarming 40% of East Longmeadow’s middle school and high school students are experiencing “challenging feelings.”

Similar data was recently collected and published by the US Department of Education. For more see my recent post Dept. of Ed Study Shows “Unprecedented Decline” in Students Mental Health.