People of East Longmeadow, brace yourselves…COVID numbers are rising again.  “Who cares?” you may ask with a sigh.  At this point, many of us think the COVID fear mongering is getting a bit old and pathetic. 

But not our health officials or school committee members. A full 30 minutes was devoted to COVID stats at the school committee’s December meeting.

New East Longmeadow health director, Tami Spencer, joined the committee members to discuss November’s data.

According to Ms. Spencer, 76 residents tested positive for COVID and 42 of those residents were fully vaccinated.  Thus, the majority of new cases (55%) were among the vaccinated.

Despite this facts, Ms. Spencer emphasized the need to increase vaccine numbers in town.  For that purpose, there will be a vaccine clinic on December 21 at the town’s council on aging building. The event is for residents aged 18 or older.

The head nurse was next to recite her COVID numbers.  The numbers she presented show a significant reluctance among East Longmeadow parents to get their young children vaccinated. 

Here are the percentages:

Elementary SchoolStudents Vaccinated
Meadow Brook4%
Mountain View12%

This prompted school committee members to discuss mailing yet another informational letter to town parents outlining all the perks of vaccination such as exemption from close-contact quarantining and the possibility of removing face coverings when 80% of a school’s students and staff provide proof of vaccination to DESE.