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In her latest report, the East Longmeadow town manager boasted that 143 COVID vaccines were administered during the town’s December 2021 vaccination clinic. According to the report,

It was a successful event. However, despite that success, the Town’s positivity rate is currently 10.91%, the highest it has been since the onset of the pandemic.

So in what way was the event “successful”? If the purpose of the clinic was simply to jab as many people as possible, then perhaps it achieved its goal. (Though 143 vaccine recipients amounts to just 0.9% of the town’s population–which says a lot about people’s leeriness of the vaccine and/or their indifference to the threat of infection.)

But if the purpose of the vaccination clinic was to bring down positivity rates in East Longmeadow then it failed miserably–as the report openly acknowledges when it states that new cases are at an all-time high.

Of course this means nothing to the Health Board. As stated in the report,

Health Director Tammy Spencer is in the process of arranging additional vaccination clinics.

While our government officials don’t get it (and they never will), a large portion of the community is starting to come to its senses.

The report states that just 29% of residents who are eligible for a booster shot have received one and only 11% of eligible Hampden County residents have bothered to get “boosted.”