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Tonight at 6pm the East Longmeadow School Committee will discuss the district’s participation in Massachusetts’ “School Choice Program.”  (To view the meeting’s agenda and zoom link click here.) 

If East Longmeadow participates in the program, families from outside our town will be allowed to enroll their children in our schools.  According to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (DESE) website, when selecting students for the school choice program,

School districts may not consider or discriminate based on…academic performance or proficiency in the English language.


Selection of students must be on a random basis.

Districts that participate receive a “school choice tuition” of $5,000 per student admitted through the program.

According to the school choice law (M.G.L. c. 76, 12B), all school districts are presumed to participate in the program.  In other words, all districts are automatically enrolled in the school choice program.  However, any district may remove itself from the program if its school committee votes to do so.  DESE must be notified of the district’s decision not to participate in the program, but DESE will not review or overrule the district’s decision.

To contact the school committee members via email, click here.