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This week Reminder editor G. Michael Dobbs took a brave stance by openly supporting the latest thing—Ukraine.   

Like a true philanthropist, he lets the world know that

my wife and I will be donating money to [Ukrainian support] groups in an attempt to try to offer relief for the suffering this country is experiencing.

Then, like a true baby boomer, he tells everyone how the situation has affected him:

I don’t know about you, but watching the daily reports about the war in Ukraine has affected me in an unexpected manner.  It deeply depresses me…For whatever reason, this war has broken through my life-learned emotional defenses.

For Mr. Dobbs this is World War Me and he can’t help but compare the tragedy in Ukraine to a completely unrelated event in the U.S.

These actions that are born out of cruelty and evil are increasingly offensive.  It’s like seeing the rioters who invaded the Capitol building bring in the Confederate flag.  It’s an image that provoked a deep emotional response in me.

 So what can be done, besides virtue signaling in your local newspaper or on social media?  Dobbs praises state legislators who are now working to bring Ukrainian refugees into Massachusetts.

Citing the State House News Service, Dobbs notes,

The House plans to take up a resolution…calling on the Biden administration and Gov. Charlie Baker to give ‘expedited consideration’ to Ukranian refugees seeking to enter the United States and resettle in Massachusetts.

In addition, the legislature has approved $10 million to aid the resettlement of Ukrainian refugees here in our state. It’s easy, of course, to be charitable with other people’s tax dollars.