No amount of phony positivity from the health board could conceal the fact that their latest Covid vaccine clinic was a total failure.

Just ten people showed up at the day-long event to receive a free “safe and effective” vaccine along with a complimentary $25 gift card.

That’s a mere 0.06% of the town’s 17,000 residents.

Most vaccine recipients were children who, of course, had little say in the matter.

In light of the public’s growing reluctance to continue receiving Covid vaccines—just 39% of eligible residents have gotten a booster shot—the health board hopes to increase overall vaccination numbers through the town’s children.

Health board president Christine Johnston said that it was “exciting” to see a recent increase in pediatric vaccinations.

It was good to see the ped [i.e., pediatric] number increased a lot…That was exciting.

The health director then added,

I think those are the doses that are going to increase our numbers at this point.

In an effort to push the idea–while acknowledging that at this point they were “beating a dead horse”–the director said that she was going to reach out to the town’s youth camps with the tiresome message about vaccine efficacy and safety.

It was noted at the start of the meeting that there are currently just 13 Covid cases in East Longmeadow.  Only one of those cases involves a child.