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At this month’s school committee meeting, a mother of two young students spoke about the COVID restrictions that are still being imposed in our elementary schools.

According to the mother, her son at Meadow Brook Elementary School has not been to the cafeteria all year. Instead, he eats at his desk in his classroom where he spends most of his day. At recess, he’s not allowed to socialize with kids from other classes. (My daughter also attends Meadow Brook, and I’ve often heard her complain about these restrictions.)

The mother then stated that her daughter is a student at Mountain View Elementary School where kids sit in the cafeteria during lunch but must remain silent and watch a movie while they eat.

For the town’s middle school and high school–as well as for society in general–life has pretty much returned to normal.

The mother asked the committee to reconsider the restrictions and to let our kids return to a normal school environment.