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At the latest town council meeting, the town clerk gave an update on East Longmeadow’s upcoming annual election. Here’s what she told the councilors.

Town Council Race

There are five candidates seeking three seats on the town council. Ralph Page and Kathy Hill are running for re-election while Tara Leone, Anna Jones, and Sam Stoughton are new on the ballot. Those elected will serve three-year terms on the council.

There is a fourth vacant seat due to the death of councilor Tom O’Connor. Two years remain on his term. According to the clerk, no one has taken out nomination papers for the seat.

School Committee

There are two seats up for grabs on school committee and just two candidates seeking election. The first is Antonella Rochelle who is currently on the committee. The second candidate is Carlos Rios who works in the insurance industry.

Because of the low number of candidates, there is no need for a primary election. The town’s local election will be held on June 7.

State Election

The state primary will be held on September 9 and the general election will be on November 8. Due to the 2020 census, East Longmeadow has an additional precinct. Consequently, some East Longmeadow voters will be assigned to new voting locations. Those voters who have had their voting location changed will receive notice and instructions from the town clerk prior to the election.

According to the clerk, Massachusetts will likely allow their residents to vote by mail in the state election.