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“Logic can be met with logic, while illogic cannot–it confuses those who think straight,” writes Dr. Joost Meerloo in his excellent book The Rape of the Mind.

Keep this in mind when you listen to our health board, or any other government agency, talk about the COVID-19 vaccine.

At this month’s board meeting, health director Tammy Spencer once again reported on the low number of residents who attended the town’s latest vaccine clinic.

During her report, she acknowledged that those who get the vaccine are still at risk of COVID inflection–even multiple inflections. Then she encouraged everyone to get the shot.

There’s a lot of second positive tests and third positive tests showing up. So if you think you’re going to have [COVID] once and you’ll be done, it’s not totally the case even among the vaccinated. So get vaccinated!

The glaringly obvious fact that the vaccine does not prevent infection has been known to our health director since last year. As I reported in December 2021, Spencer gave a COVID update to our school committee in which she admitted that more than half of the town’s cases that month were among the vaccinated. To read that post click here.

Spencer’s reasoning seemed to make perfect sense to health board vice-president Dr. Katie Jobbins who added that it wasn’t until the third dose of the vaccine that “immunity to the virus goes up a lot.” And for those who get the vaccine, the likelihood of death from COVID was “like zero.”

Even before the vaccine was available, the likelihood of death due to COVID infection was far less than 1% for Americans under the age of 70, with children/youths under the age of 18 having only a 0.003% chance of death, according to CDC data reported by CNN.

Nevertheless, Dr. Jobbins yet again brought up the issue of vaccinating children aged 5-11. After noting that case numbers were low among kids even with ample testing within our school district, she seemed concerned that there has been reluctance among parents to get their small children vaccinated.

She stated that a children’s booster shot will likely be approved in the coming months and that the approval of the booster may somehow induce vaccine-hesitant parents to get their kids jabbed.

I don’t follow her reasoning, but here’s the video of her comments: